About us

In August 2016 it all started with a robotics team for the FIRST Robotics Competition but soon this became a thriving foundation that dreams about a robotics competition in our beautiful home country The Netherlands. In 2016 7 students of Fontys University of Applied Sciences start Robotics Team π to inspire the youth about STEM related education programs. 3 of the founders are so motivated and feel passion for education and STEM they continue to develop on Robotics Team π. This leads in September 2017 to a collaboration with a High School where students can come in contact with science and technology at a younger age. Seeing these students grow in their hard and also soft skills and see them in control of their own future gives us the energy to become even more. This takes us to June 2018 when Stichting STEMec™ got founded as an education focused foundation. Stichting STEMec™ is in that case not only a platform for robotics but a foundation for STEM education. Founders Anita Karki, Willem Reuser and Ivan Spikmans will continue to develop Stichting STEMec™ and keep inspiring the youth to avidly pursue their academic, career and personal goals besides letting them find their true passion. We keep practicing and learning with the FIRST competitions till we can achieve our mission of hosting our own robotics competition in The Netherlands.

Left to right: Willem Reuser(Board Member), Anita Karki(Treasurer/Secretary), Ivan Spikmans(Chairman)


To create an environment where young people and students are inspired in becoming the next innovators of the world.


The mission that Stichting STEMec™ is carrying out is the development of a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) related education program that can fit into the Dutch education system. Students will not only learn how to become a scientist or engineer but also learn the value of teamwork, respect and integrity by competing in a competitive, fun and challenging robotics competition. This robotics competition will be implemented into the Dutch education system to teach students earlier about science and technology. With this new education program we want to make young people and students enthusiastic and inspire them into becoming scientist and engineers to fill in the (huge) shortage in these working fields.